The beauty of Bluing packing belt

Bluing packing belt is a new type of mine support material, using the thickness of 3-5mm density 180-320mm coil steel plate, after cold bending into the middle of W steel belt and connected with the anchor strain to form an overall bearing structure, this steel belt has a better effect for treating unstable surrounding rock.

The stable surrounding rock effect is better.

Superior of Bluing packing belt:

The bending resistance section modulus is increased by 37 times;

Steel degree is increased by about 70 times;

The hardening of cold rolling to improve the tensile strength.

Instructions for use:

Because the Bluing packing belt is a chemical drug such as sodium nitrate in the high temperature drop metal surface oxidation into oxide, forming a relatively rust-resistant protective layer.

Bluing packing belt provides a variety of specifications can also be processed according to the guest needs of special specifications to produce,Bluing packing belt can be used in newspaper newspapers, light industry, food, aquatic products, freezing, fruit, printing, medicine, medicine, post office, letter, logistics, airport luggage, parcels, hardware, furniture, electrical appliances, electronics, plastic, chemical industry, accessories, medical equipment, fitness equipment, clothing, toys and other aspects.

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