Automatic strapping machine MH-101A

 Type automatic
 Product applications  for cartons
 Power supply  380V three-phase
 Sector  for the packaging industry, for the food industry, for logistics, for the automotive industry
 Overall height  600 mm (23.6 in)
 Overall width  800 mm (31.5 in)
 Strap width  9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm (0.4 in)
 Puissance  0.75 kW (1.02 hp)
 Clamping tension  120 kg (264.55 lb)
 Weight  120 kg (264.55 lb)


MH-101A automatic double-lane strapping machine is a high-efficiency equipment launched by Yupack. The biggest feature of this machine is that it can make two packing straps at the same time, which greatly saves the user’s work time. Meanwhile, there are control panels on the front and back of the machine, which can carry out packing operations in any direction. It is widely used by users in food, logistics, chemical, auto parts, express and other industries.

Features: Automatic double-lane packing, high work efficiency There are control panels at the front and back for easy operation Double movement structure, more stable performance Swing cover type tightening, stronger tightening force


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