Galvanized steel strapping

Galvanized Steel Strapping can be used for a variety of applications of which the most notable are bundling and packaging.

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What  is Galvanized steel strapping?

Galvanized steel strapping can be used for a variety of applications of which the most notable are bundling and packaging.Galvanized steel strapping has excellent corrosion resistance for goods or products that need to be strapped for long periods in the weather. Galvanized steel strapping is also highly flexible so its also great for users who need to bend or weave it through products.
Galvanized steel strapping (also called steel strapping). Steel is easy to rust in air and water, and the corrosion rate of zinc in the atmosphere is only 1/15 of the corrosion rate of steel in the atmosphere.

Surface Finish Galvanized (Galvanized steel strapping )
Material Q195 Q235 B235( Size as customer need )
Elongation 3%-30%
Tensile Strength MPA 6b≥380-700
Spencification(mm) Thichness:0.1-2.0 Width:9.5-1500
Tolerance(mm) ±5%
Zinc Coating 30g/m2-600g/m2
Weight(kg) as your need
Spangle State regular spangle,small spangle,big spangle,non-spangle
Package Waterproof paper inside,then plastic film,finally hessian cloth or corrugated or cartong;wood palled;or as the customer’s request.

Product Features

1. The board surface is flat, the zinc flower is uniform, and the color is bright;
2. Galvanized steel strapping has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, strong tensile performance and fire resistance;
3. Galvanized steel strapping produced is elegant, economical and durable;
4. The galvanized layer has good adhesion to the steel plate, is rust-proof and durable, and does not fall off;
5. As the raw material of a series of building materials, such as light steel keel, galvanized pipe, fire shutter door, civil materials and other industries.

Product parameters 

BWG28x3/8″、1/2″、5/8″ 0.36mmx9.5mm、12.7mm、16mm
BWG27x3/8″、1/2″、5/8″ 0.40mmx9.5mm、12.7mm、16mm
BWG26x1/2″、5/8″、3/4″ 0.45mmx12.7mm、16mm、19mm
BWG25x1/2″、5/8″、3/4″ 0.50mmx12.7mm、16mm、19mm
BWG24x1/2″、5/8″、3/4″ 0.55mmx12.7mm、16mm、19mm
BWG23x1/2″、5/8″、3/4″ 0.63mmx12.7mm、16mm、19mm
BWG22x3/4″、1″、5/4″ 0.71mmx19mm、25.4mm、32mm
BWG21x3/4″、1″、5/4″ 0.81mmx19mm、25.4mm、32mm
BWG20x3/4″、1″、5/4″ 0.88mmx19mm、25.4mm、32mm
BWG19x3/4″、1″、5/4″ 1.00mmx19mm、25.4mm、32mm


Galvanized steel strapping Application

Wooden boxes, color-coated plates, strip steel, steel plates, steel strands, welded pipes, aluminum ingots, magnesium ingots, zinc ingots, etc.

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