Spring Steel Strips

Application: Used in hardware tools, construction tools, masonry knives, saw blades, automobile clutch plates, spring steel strips for rolling shutter doors, shoemaking, standard stamping parts, etc.

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What is Spring Steel Strips?

This Steel  Strips Are Popularly Known As Hardened And Tempered Spring Steel Strips, Spring Steel Strips, Hardened Steel Strips, Blue Tempered Strips, Spring Strips.

Material 50# / 65Mn (Size as customer need)
Surface color Black, Light blue, polish blue,polish,yellow
width 30-300mm
Thickness 0.3-2.5mm
Hardness HRC43-49

This is high carbon steel strips with Martensite grain structure with high tensile strength, Produced by passing strips through long continuous heating furnace and oil quenching. Parts made from this strips have uniformity in hardness, flatness and shape as compared to parts made from annealed strips and then hardened in batches.

These strips are supplied with various option as per requirement of customer. Edges Slit, rounded or dressed. Surface finish Bright polished, grey (un polished), polished and blued or golden.

Spring steel strips are a type of steel that is designed to have excellent elasticity and resilience. It is made by cold-rolling a high-carbon steel alloy that is heat-treated to achieve the desired properties. The result is a material that can be bent, twisted, or otherwise deformed and then return to its original shape without permanent deformation.

Spring steel strips are often used in a variety of applications where high strength and flexibility are required, such as in the manufacture of springs, clips, fasteners, and other components that need to withstand repeated use and stress.

The properties of spring steel strips can vary depending on the specific alloy used and the heat treatment process, but in general, it is characterized by high tensile strength, excellent fatigue resistance, and good ductility. Its surface can also be coated or finished to enhance its corrosion resistance or other properties.

Spring steel strips can be used in the manufacture of hardware tools. The high strength and resilience of spring steel make it an ideal material for producing tools that are durable and can withstand repeated use.

Spring steel strips can be used to make various components for power tools, such as mud trowel and saw blades. Its properties of strength and flexibility allow it to withstand the high forces and vibrations associated with these types of tools.

Spring steel strips are a versatile material that can be used in a wide range of applications, including the manufacture of hardware tools. Its high performance and durability make it a popular choice for tool manufacturers.

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Spring Steel StripsSpring Steel StripsSpring Steel StripsSpring Steel Strips


Q1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A1: We are a manufacturer and own our own trading company in Linyi, China.

Q2: What are your advantages?
A2: 20+ years of technical experience in this industry enable us to provide our customers whatever they want with competitive price and good quality.

Q3: How do you control quality?
A3: We have a quality control system to strictly check the quality problems and ensure that each batch of goods meets the customer’s requirements.

Q4: What is the actual delivery date of the products?
A4: Generally speaking the delivery time is about 7~15 days. The lead time is determined according to the specific model you want.

Q5: How to get the most accurate quotation?
A5: Please send us you inquiry and inform the detailed requirements,We’ll offer you the price according to the packing strap specifications(length, width, thickness), color and way of usage.

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