PP strap

Plastic Packing Strap Band from width 5mm to 16mm, thickness from 0.5mm to 1.2mm.

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What is PP strap?

PP strap, also known as polypropylene strap, is a lightweight type of common plastic. The main material of PP strap is polypropylene drawing grade resin. Due to its good plasticity, strong tensile strength, bending resistance, light weight, and convenient use, the strapping made from the material has been widely used in various fields. PP stands for polypropylene, and there are many different grades of polypropylene. For the production of strapping, the T30S grade of polypropylene raw material is used for the best results. The appearance of PP strap is semi-transparent to opaque, with a transparent thin film texture. It is flammable in flames, and will slowly extinguish or continue to burn after leaving the flames. When burning, the upper end of the flame is yellow and the lower end is blue, with a melting and dripping phenomenon. It produces a paraffin smell.

What is the difference between PET strapping and PP strapping?


PP strap raw material

1. Polypropylene (PP) is the main raw material, with the material being polypropylene drawing grade resin. Due to its good plasticity, strong tensile strength, bend fatigue resistance, low density, good tensile impact performance and convenient use, it is now widely used in various fields.
2. Suitable for various packaging machines in all industries (semi-automatic, automatic, manual packaging machines).
3. Strong adhesion, high tensile strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and high-end.
4. The colors are bright and there are many colors to choose from, such as yellow, white and black.
5. Special packaging straps, such as those with printing and logo requirements, can be produced according to customer requirements and samples.


Product name
Polypropylene Strap/PP strap/PP strapping
Customized (green, yellow, red, black, white)
In coil
Tensile strength
Surface finish
Machine packing/manual packing

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Q1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A1: We are a manufacturer and own our own trading company in Linyi, China.

Q2: What are your advantages?
A2: 20+ years of technical experience in this industry enable us to provide our customers whatever they want with competitive price and good quality.

Q3: How do you control quality?
A3: We have a quality control system to strictly check the quality problems and ensure that each batch of goods meets the
customer’s requirements.

Q4: What is the actual delivery date of the products?
A4: Generally speaking the delivery time is about 7~15 days. The lead time is determined according to the specific model you want.

Q5: How to get the most accurate quotation?
A5: Please send us you inquiry and inform the detailed requirements,We’ll offer you the price according to the packing strap specifications(length, width, thickness), color and way of usage.

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