How to use PET strapping?

PET strappoing, also known as plastic steel belt, is a new type of high-strength packing belt that replaces steel belts. It is widely used in ceramics, papermaking, chemical fiber, cotton spinning, tobacco, wood and other industries. It has both the tensile strength of steel belt and the ductility that can resist impact. The PET strapping has the same tensile strength as the steel belt, maintains a 5% tightening force for a long time, and does not return to loosening. When it is hit by a strong external force, it still has a 5% buffer elongation to keep the goods safe. ThePET strapping is also convenient and safe. It does not need to wear gloves to operate, it will not cut hands, and it is convenient and efficient to pack.


1. PET strapping is a kind of packaging material with good tensile strength and excellent welding performance.

2. It has good tension and retention ability, and it will not loosen for a long time after being packed, so as to ensure that the goods have excellent impact resistance during long-distance transportation.

3. It can be packed directly with PET strapping, and the goods will not be damaged or corroded.

4. Good flexibility, easy and safe operation. The PET strapping does not have the sharp edge of the steel belt, so it will not scratch the package and will not hurt the hand. There is no need for special tools when cutting it.

5. Excellent weather resistance, maintaining good stability between -50℃–100℃.

6. Beautiful appearance, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

7. Good economic benefits. The density of PET strapping is only 1/6 of the density of steel belt, and the price per unit length is relatively low. The length of 1 ton of plastic steel belt is equivalent to the length of 6 tons of steel belt, and the cost per meter is lower than that of steel belt.

Preparation tools:

1. PET strapping;

2. One plastic-steel strapping machine;

3. If you are using a baler that requires packing buckles, you need to prepare a number of PET packing buckles; if you are using a pneumatic buckle-free packing machine, you do not need packing buckles.

How to operate:

1. Strap: Bundle the package with the packing tape, hold the overlapping part with the left hand, leave about 300mm at the tail, and gently pull out the remaining part with the right hand. Loading the packing belt: Hold the handle and the tensioner with the right hand (to ensure the maximum opening between the tension wheel and the pressing plate hanging teeth), and insert the upper and lower parts of the packing belt into the packing machine at the same time. NOTE: The overlapping portion of the strapping must be separated by the lower blade of the stationary cutter: Release the tensioner (the tensioner pulls the strap tightly).

2. Tighten the packing tape: Press the tension switch lever (right side) switch with your right thumb until the packing tape is completely taut.

3. Vibration and cutting: Press the vibration switch lever (red) with the right thumb until the packing tape is cut and welded. NOTE: Press and hold the air baler vibration switch lever until the vibration timer stops automatically.

4. Remove the packing belt: press the handle and tensioner with the right hand, and press the reversing switch with the little finger of the right hand until the packing belt is released from the tightening wheel. Squeeze the handle and tensioner to remove the tool from the strap.

Matters needing attention: When using a pneumatic baler, be sure to pay attention to safety, and do not pass through the strapping with your hands when strapping.

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