Brief introduction of the manufacturing characteristics of the packaging steel belt

Brief introduction of the manufacturing characteristics of the packaging steel belt

Compared with other structural period high pressure vessels, the production efficiency of steel belt miswinding pressure vessels is significantly improved, and the manufacturing cost is greatly reduced.The reasons are as follows:

1. The inner cylinder only accounts for 1 / 4-1 / 6 of the total thickness of the container, and the manufacturing process is greatly simplified. Only the steel plate with ordinary thickness (about 40mm) can meet the needs of manufacturing large (about 200mm) containers, and can avoid heavy workshop and bridge crane.This is equivalent to increasing a manufacturer’s manufacturing capacity (such as coil, lifting, and flaw detection) by about five times without changing other conditions.

2. Most of the raw materials used are simple rolled and cheap hot-rolled flat steel strip, whose size is (4-8) mmx (80-120) mm, which is a narrow and thin section material, regardless of the diameter of the container and the thickness of the vessel wall.

3.The winding layer is only required to be tight but not “engaged” like the type groove steel belt, not only the thickness of the winding layer comparable type groove winding container is thicker, but also fundamentally avoid the precision machining of the inner cylinder spiral groove.

4. Most of the container thickness is composed of winding layer, which reduces the workload of welding, flaw detection and heat treatment, especially the thick ring weld and the overall heat
Therefore, the consumption of electrode, electricity and perspective film can be reduced by about 80%.

5.In the simple winding device can be completed on the strip winding, and then with appropriate welding, grinding and pressing of the strip tools, not only easy to ensure the winding quality of the strip, but also the winding of higher efficiency.The manufacturing process of the container is basically the winding process of the inner cylinder; after the steel strip is wound, the container is basically manufactured, with few process and short cycle.

Industrial production practice shows that compared with the current internationally recognized more advanced thick plate coil welding and three-layer heat sleeve vessel, the production efficiency of steel belt miswinding pressure vessel can be more than doubled, the cost can be reduced by about 30% -50%, and the economic benefit is very significant.

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